Portlaoise Panthers BC 59 - 64 Waterford Vikings

Portlaoise Panthers BC despatched by Waterford Vikings.
4th placed Portlaoise Panthers BC were marginally beaten at home by League leaders Waterford Vikings at O'Loughlin Gael's Kilkenny at 9 pm

Portlaoise Panthers BC are currently on a winning streak of 7 games.They have won 7 out of 8 home games.
Form: W W W W W W W L L W W W W W

Waterford Vikings are currently on a winning streak of 4 games.They have won 8 out of 9 away games.
Form: W W W W L W W W W W W L W W W W W W W

Current League Position
Last 16 Quarter Final Semi Final Final
Old Leighlin BC
Old Leighlin BC
Baltinglass Bulldogs
Baltinglass Bulldogs
Kilkenny Stars (Amber)
Kilkenny Stars (Amber)
Portlaoise Panthers BC
Portlaoise Panthers BC
Waterford Vikings
Waterford Vikings
Kilkenny Stars (Defenders)
South Tipp Titans
Wexford BC
Carlow BC

1Waterford Vikings1816288863750
4Portlaoise Panthers BC1412275136338

This competition head to head
24/01/23 9 pmPortlaoise Panthers BC5964Waterford VikingsO'Loughlin Gael's Kilkenny

Club Fixture History
24/01/23 8 pmPortlaoise Panthers BC432Waterford VikingsBOYS U14
24/01/23 7 pmPortlaoise Panthers BC3615Waterford VikingsBOYS U13
24/01/23Waterford Vikings243Portlaoise Panthers BCBOYS U14
20/12/22 7 pmWaterford Vikings641Portlaoise Panthers BCBOYS U13
18/04/22 8:15 pmPortlaoise Panthers BC020Waterford VikingsGirls U18 Cup
13/04/22 7 pmWaterford Vikings020Portlaoise Panthers BCBoys U15 Cup
08/03/22 7 pmPortlaoise Panthers BC5229Waterford VikingsBOYS U14
28/02/22 9:15 pmPortlaoise Panthers BC5654Waterford VikingsBOYS U18
16/02/22 8 pmPortlaoise Panthers BC020Waterford VikingsGIRLS U18
08/02/22 8 pmWaterford Vikings2485Portlaoise Panthers BCBOYS U15
25/02/20 8 pmPortlaoise Panthers BC3929Waterford VikingsGirls U16 Cup Div 2
29/01/20 8 pmPortlaoise Panthers BC2917Waterford VikingsGirls U16 Div 2
14/01/20 8 pmWaterford Vikings1840Portlaoise Panthers BCGirls U16 Div 2
24/04/19 8 pmWaterford Vikings6467Portlaoise Panthers BCBoys U18
22/04/19 8:15 pmWaterford Vikings6676Portlaoise Panthers BCBoys U18 Cup
01/04/19 8 pmWaterford Vikings4252Portlaoise Panthers BCBoys U14 Cup Div 1
27/03/19 8 pmWaterford Vikings3040Portlaoise Panthers BCBoys U13 Cup
25/03/19 8 pmWaterford Vikings4043Portlaoise Panthers BCBoys U14
13/03/19 7 pmPortlaoise Panthers BC4523Waterford VikingsBoys U13
20/02/19 8 pmPortlaoise Panthers BC3227Waterford VikingsBoys U16
12/12/18 8 pmPortlaoise Panthers BC5613Waterford VikingsGirls U16
19/11/18 8 pmWaterford Vikings3033Portlaoise Panthers BCBoys U13
14/11/18 9 pmPortlaoise Panthers BC4548Waterford VikingsBoys U18
14/11/18 8 pmWaterford Vikings3632Portlaoise Panthers BCBoys U16
23/10/18 8 pmPortlaoise Panthers BC4731Waterford VikingsBoys U14
18/04/18 8 pmPortlaoise Panthers BC5544Waterford VikingsBoys U18 Cup 17/18
13/02/17 8 pmWaterford Vikings3624Portlaoise Panthers BCBoys U14 Cup 16/17

Recent Results in this competition
Portlaoise Panthers BC
Tipperary Knights39100Portlaoise Panthers BC
19/03/23 12:45 pmBaltinglass Bulldogs020Portlaoise Panthers BC
18/03/23 12 pmPortlaoise Panthers BC200Kilkenny Stars (Amber)
11/03/23 1:15 pmPortlaoise Panthers BC6045Wexford BC
05/03/23 6:15 pmPortlaoise Panthers BC6160Old Leighlin BC
27/02/23 8 pmCastlecomer3287Portlaoise Panthers BC
Waterford Vikings
25/03/23 5 pmWexford BC3155Waterford Vikings
21/03/23 8:45 pmWaterford Vikings6727Kilkenny Stars (Defenders)
21/03/23Waterford Vikings6727Kilkenny Stars (Defenders)
08/03/23 7:45 pmCarlow BC2850Waterford Vikings
28/02/23 8:30 pmWaterford Vikings3950Old Leighlin BC
26/02/23 2 pmSouth Tipp Titans2933Waterford Vikings
Referee Statistics
Debbie Power32171814

Portlaoise Panthers BCWaterford Vikings