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Old Leighlin v Waterford Vikings action
Old Leighlin BC v Waterford Vikings
29/10/17 2:30 pm
Boys U12 29/10 14:30
Old Leighlin BC 9 - 30 Waterford Vikings
Match Photographs
31/10/2017 21:32
Old Leighlin BC v Carlow Rock
Old Leighlin vs. Carlow Rock
Men's Div 12/04 20:45
Old Leighlin BC 49 - 67 Carlow Rock

Old Leighlin (33)49

Dooley 17

Kinsella 12

Lynch 7

Carlow Rock (34)67

A. Vaikuls 16

Pauliukenas 12

Urbonavicius 11

12/04/2019 23:34
Waterford Vikings v Old Leighlin BC
Waterford Vikings take the points after a spirited fight back by Old Leighlin
Men's Div 25/01 20:00
Waterford Vikings 54 - 53 Old Leighlin BC

Having started well Waterford Vikings had to survive a spirited fightback by Old Leighlin in WIT Arena last night in a game that ended 54 to 53 in favour of the home team. 10 points up after the first quarter, 11 at the halfway stage and 12 at the end of the third, Old Leighlin came back strong in the forth out scoring Vikings 22 points to 11. A three pointer from Pepper and a free throw from Kavanagh had Vikings 4 in front before #11 for the visitors hit a long range 3 to cut the lead to one but the time ran out.

Ryan Pepper 20 points Cian O'Rourke and Daniel Sheehan 8 top scored for the home team.

26/01/2019 19:53
Kilkenny Stars A v Old Leighlin BC
Stars win
Boys U13 05/12 19:00
Kilkenny Stars A 49 - 15 Old Leighlin BC

Kilkenny Stars were always in control in this game winning the quarters 14 to 5, 12 to 4, 12 to 2 and 11 to 3 to give a final winning score of 49 to 15 for Kilkenny Stars. A total of ten separate scorers for Kilkenny Stars with 5 on the score sheet for Old Leighlin.

Scorers – Kilkenny Stars

Ruairi Holland – 12

Edward McDermott – 6

Sean Deely – 6

Edmond Lauhoff – 6

Tadhg Crowley – 5

Aaron Coogan – 4

Conor Murphy – 4

Luke Philips – 2

Harry Cody – 2

Leo Downey – 2

Scorers - Old Leighlin BC

Noel Meany - 4

Niall Carpenter - 4

Shane McDonald - 3

Shane Hanlon - 2

Michael Maher - 2

06/12/2018 10:23
Carlow Rock v Old Leighlin BC
Men's Div 02/12 19:00
Carlow Rock 43 - 36 Old Leighlin BC

Carlow Rock(23)43

R. Vaikuls 16, A. Vaikuls11, Rudokas 7

Old Leighlin(15)36

Roche 11, Dooley 6, Darcy5

02/12/2018 22:18
Waterford Wildcats v Old Leighlin BC
Girls U16 29/10 18:00
Waterford Wildcats 38 - 21 Old Leighlin BC


ardianna Shelley 8point

Grace o Brien 7 points

Maria Lori 6 points

Old Leighton

Siofra o Neill 9 points

Chloe Doyle 4 points

Regan wall 3 points

29/10/2018 20:15
Carlow Rock v Old Leighlin BC
Men's Div Cup 15/04 19:00
Carlow Rock 79 - 50 Old Leighlin BC

Carlow rock 79(36)

A. Vaikuls 43

M.Rudokas 12

R. Vaikuls 8

Old Leighlin 50(25)

M. Bambrick 26

O'Neill 9

M. Darcy 6

15/04/2018 22:32
Waterford Vikings v Old Leighlin BC
Old Leighlin put it up to Vikings all the way
Men's Div 29/03 20:30
Waterford Vikings 55 - 41 Old Leighlin BC

Waterford Vikings 55 Old Leighlin 41

While 14 points looks like a comfortable win it was anything but, 16 to 6 down at the end of the first quarter it was difficult to see when the home side were going to wake up to the fact that they were in a game. A couple of three pointers from the teams top scorer Hubert coupled with an improvement in team defence saw the gap decrease to 3 by the half 19 to 22.

The third quarter went score for score Vikings shading it by a single point Old Leighlin going into the final period 36 to 34 in front. Little changed during the first five minutes of the final quarter and then with Sheehan and O'Rourke getting on the end of a few fast breaks and Hubert hitting three 3 pointers in a row the game was over. Hubert with 29 Sheehan 12 and O'Rourke 8 were Vikings leading scorers while Martin 12, Brendan 10 and Thomas 9 were best for the visitors.

30/03/2018 20:53
Carlow Rocks v Old Leighlin BC
Men's Div 03/12 19:00
Carlow Rocks 77 - 40 Old Leighlin BC

Carlow Rock 77(36)

Armands Vaikuls 18

Linas Jusaitis 15

Rolands Vaikuls 12

Old Leighlin 40(23)

Bambrik 12

S. Kinsella 9

B. Kinsella 9

04/12/2017 11:45
Kilkenny Stars B v Old Leighlin BC
Girls U12 09/10 19:00
Kilkenny Stars B 8 - 25 Old Leighlin BC
First game for both these teams with many girls playing their first competitive game . Lots of talent on display on both teams, it was all level after the first quarter 4 all . The second quarter was dominated by Old Leighlin who scored 9 points . The third quarter was more evenly matched with a basket each but the fourth saw Old Leighlin pull further ahead with some strong drives to the basket.
12/10/2017 10:54
Old Leighlin BC v South Tipp Titans
Narrowest win for Old Leighlin
Boys U18 08/10 17:15
Old Leighlin BC 46 - 45 South Tipp Titans
A great first game for both these teams finishing with just a point between them. Old Leighlin made the better start and were leading 14-8 at the end of the first. A much stronger 2nd by Tipp Titans saw them go in the happier side at half time with a one point lead. Tipp again outscored Old Leighlin in the third 11-7 and had a five point lead going into the 4th. Free throws were the first points scored for both teams in the fourth and with Tipp tiring Old Leighlin took advantage of some gaps in defence and went on to score 18 points in the last against Tipps 12 to take a one point win . Both side gave away too many free throws for comfort in the 4th and the last play of the game saw Tipp on the free throw line where they were unlucky not to draw the game. Judging by this game the next meeting of these teams should be another epic battle .
10/10/2017 00:06
Old Leighlin BC v Tipperary Knights
Ladies 15/10 16:15
Old Leighlin BC 56 - 40 Tipperary Knights
Tipperary Knights settled well in the first quarter and some well worked scores and good defense put them 16-11 ahead at the end of the 1st. Old Leighlin upped the pace in the second quarter and put 22 points on the scoreboard to Tipp Knights 3 putting them in the driving seat. The Tipp girls rallied in the third and some great defensive rebounding saw them turnover the ball and outscored the home team 7-11 in the 3rd. Old Leighlin steadied for the final quarter and some well worked fast breaks saw them score 16points in the 4th to Tipps 10 and saw Old Leighlin winning on a 56-40 score line
10/10/2017 00:00
Kilkenny Stars Meteors v Old Leighlin BC
Boys U12 03/10 19:00
Kilkenny Stars Meteors 25 - 27 Old Leighlin BC
A great opener to the season saw Old Leighlin get off to a flying start going 20-1 up in the first quarter. Kilkenny however battled hard and outscored the opposition in the next three quarters. It wasn't enough though a couple of nice scores and some great defence saw Old Leighlin hold on to take the win on a 27-25 score line. A lot of these players were in their first real match tonight so looks like an exciting season ahead for both teams.
03/10/2017 23:31
Club Amber v Old Leighlin BC
Another Win for Amber
Men's Div 19/10 21:00
Club Amber 51 - 48 Old Leighlin BC

Club Amber continued their good start to the season with a hard fought win over Old Leighlin in O'Loughlins Last Night.

Old Leighlin started the better of the 2 teams with young Mickey Bambrick in flying form scoring 10 points to Amber's 5 in the opening minutes of the game. Leighlin continued their good start and picked up a few more good baskets to lead by 7 at the end of the quarter 11-18.

Due to Old Leighlin's good start to the game Amber switched to a man defence to try and stifle the oppositions perimeter scoring, the ply seemed to be effective as Amber limited Leighlin to just 6 points in the quarter and trail by just 2 points at the half 22-24.

In the 3rd quarter Amber's good defence continued all the while picking up some good baskets offensively to lead by 3 points going into the last quarter 39-36.

Old Leighlin started the last quarter very well and took the lead again early on in the quarter however as Amber teams seem to always do when games are close, they dug deep and with 7 points from the free trow line retook the lead and controlled the closing minutes of the game to take the win on a final score of 51-48

Top Scorers:

Club Amber: Aoghan Courtney 19, Philip Brennan 14, Chunky O' Brien 6

Old Leighlin: Mickey Bambrick 26, Brendan Kinsella 14

20/10/2016 14:26
Club Summary
Goals ScoredGoals ConcededClean SheetsRed CardsYellow Cards
1Portlaoise Panthers BC927812127
2Kilkenny Stars1027216424
3Carlow BC1022817122
5Old Leighlin BC913820015
6New Inn108525410
1Portlaoise Panthers BC1243114434
2South Tipp Titans1238522930
3Carlow BC1240733228
4Waterford Vikings1227630723
5Baltinglass Bulldogs1225932822
6Old Leighlin BC1222441516
1Berkeley BC1464539136
2St. Patricks Ladies1458541636
3Carlow BC1460751334
5Old Leighlin BC1450552626
6Marble City Mayfair's (St Pats)1449953724
8Tipperary Talons1440264818
1Carlow BC1457423240
2Portlaoise Panthers BC1347923035
3Kilkenny Stars (Kelts)1451332334
4Kilkenny Stars (KATS)1441239126
6Old Leighlin BC1320339721
8Baltinglass Bulldogs1415940118
1Carlow Rock1591561445
3Old Leighlin BC1371964429
4St. Patricks1572573727
5Tipperary Talons1461764027
6Club Amber1562973727
7Waterford Vikings1258342626
8Wexford BC1668586424
9Baltinglass Bulldogs1646494516
1Kilkenny Stars Avengers1872926954
2Portlaoise Panthers BC1650821842
3Carlow BC1847133542
5Tipperary Knights1851434139
6Kilkenny Stars Scorpions1849955436
8Old Leighlin BC1823535621
9Baltinglass Bulldogs1724446820
10South Tipp Titans188062411
1Old Leighlin BC22123064364
2Waterford Vikings22102771662
3Wexford BC2187679249
4Portlaoise Panthers BC1979142347
5Baltinglass Bulldogs2071175842
6Carlow BC2269281338
7Tipperary Knights2262987638
8South Tipp Titans1964466234
9Kilkenny Stars (Amber)2258283130
11Kilkenny Stars (Defenders)2057593426
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