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Old Leighlin v Waterford Vikings action
Old Leighlin BC v Waterford Vikings
29/10/17 2:30 pm
Boys U12 29/10 14:30
Old Leighlin BC 9 - 30 Waterford Vikings
Match Photographs
31/10/2017 21:32
Portlaoise Panthers v Waterford Vikings
Boys U12 17/10 19:00
Portlaoise Panthers 8 - 26 Waterford Vikings

Top Scorers for Waterford Vikings:

Cormac Ryan - 8

Mikey Wilmot - 6

Tommy Rainer - 4

Top Scorers for Portlaoise Panthers:

Cillian O'Connell - 6

Paddy Fitzpatrick - 2

18/10/2017 11:02
Carlow Rock v Waterford Vikings
Men's Div 01/04 20:10
Carlow Rock 72 - 62 Waterford Vikings

KSE League and Cup game Carlow Rock vs. Waterford Vikings

Carlow Rock (37)72

A.Vaikuls 30


Pauliukenas 10

Waterford Vikings (28)62

Noe 26

Pepper 16

Sheehan 13

02/04/2019 12:54
Waterford Vikings v Old Leighlin BC
Waterford Vikings take the points after a spirited fight back by Old Leighlin
Men's Div 25/01 20:00
Waterford Vikings 54 - 53 Old Leighlin BC

Having started well Waterford Vikings had to survive a spirited fightback by Old Leighlin in WIT Arena last night in a game that ended 54 to 53 in favour of the home team. 10 points up after the first quarter, 11 at the halfway stage and 12 at the end of the third, Old Leighlin came back strong in the forth out scoring Vikings 22 points to 11. A three pointer from Pepper and a free throw from Kavanagh had Vikings 4 in front before #11 for the visitors hit a long range 3 to cut the lead to one but the time ran out.

Ryan Pepper 20 points Cian O'Rourke and Daniel Sheehan 8 top scored for the home team.

26/01/2019 19:53
Kilkenny Stars A v Waterford Vikings
Kilkenny Stars U13 Boys win
Boys U13 07/11 19:00
Kilkenny Stars A 32 - 19 Waterford Vikings

Kilkenny Stars won their U13 league game against Waterford Vikings with eight different players getting on the scoresheet.

Vikings got off to a good start and won the first quarter 4 to 0 but the second quarter saw a reversal in fortunes with the Stars scoring 10 points and kept Vikings scoreless leaving the halftime score 14 to 4 in Kilkenny Stars favour.

Vikings lifted their performance in the 3rd quarter with Stars taking that quarter 10 to 8 and the final quarter was also in Stars favour with an 8 to 7 scoreline.

Final score of this entertaining match was Kilkenny Stars 32 Waterford Vikings 19.

Top Scorers Kilkenny Stars

Ruari Holland - 10

James Cleere - 6

Edmond Lauhoff - 4

Top Scorers Waterford Vikings

Daniel Forkin - 4

Callum McNulty - 3

Luke Dunphy - 2

07/11/2018 21:21
Tramore v Waterford Vikings
Vikings come out on top in a very good cup game
Men's Div Cup 17/04 19:45
Tramore 62 - 78 Waterford Vikings

Vikings senior men put in an excellent performance in what was a very good game in Tramore last night to reach the final of the men's cup. Though Vikings started well Tramore had the best of the opening quarter the highlight of which was a three pointer by Jack Murphy from well within his own half on the buzzer, this put Tramore 24 points to 20 in front.

The big issue for Vikings was their defence, their emphases and concentration had to be total if they were going to have any chance of making it through. A big improvement on both ends of the floor saw Vikings pull back the lead and take control of the game, Pepper and Herbert started to find their range from three point range with Sheehan, O'Rourke and Robinson scoring from close in. Vikings were ahead by the half and extended the lead to as many as 18 before Tramore started to hit back pulling the lead back to 13 but another big three from Herbert saw off the revival allowing the visitors an easier then expected win in the end 78 to 62. Having given up 24 points in the first quarter Vikings built the win on solid team defence giving up just 38 points in the next three quarters.

Vikings players and scorers: Sealy 4, Pepper 18, Lanigan, Murphy, O'Rourke 8, Herbert 25, Robinson 9, Sheehan 8, McGuire 4 and Kujundzic 2.

Tramore, O'Neill 10, Stone 2, McGuill 2, Nyhan, Tobin, McSherry 14, White, Szulc 16, Farrell 7, Murphy 11.

18/04/2018 21:07
Waterford Vikings v Old Leighlin BC
Old Leighlin put it up to Vikings all the way
Men's Div 29/03 20:30
Waterford Vikings 55 - 41 Old Leighlin BC

Waterford Vikings 55 Old Leighlin 41

While 14 points looks like a comfortable win it was anything but, 16 to 6 down at the end of the first quarter it was difficult to see when the home side were going to wake up to the fact that they were in a game. A couple of three pointers from the teams top scorer Hubert coupled with an improvement in team defence saw the gap decrease to 3 by the half 19 to 22.

The third quarter went score for score Vikings shading it by a single point Old Leighlin going into the final period 36 to 34 in front. Little changed during the first five minutes of the final quarter and then with Sheehan and O'Rourke getting on the end of a few fast breaks and Hubert hitting three 3 pointers in a row the game was over. Hubert with 29 Sheehan 12 and O'Rourke 8 were Vikings leading scorers while Martin 12, Brendan 10 and Thomas 9 were best for the visitors.

30/03/2018 20:53
Carlow Rocks v Waterford Vikings
Men's Div 18/03 19:00
Carlow Rocks 82 - 78 Waterford Vikings

Old Leighlin (27) 55

Bambrick 26

B. Kinsella 19

T. Lynch 3

P. Darcy 3

T. Brophy 2

Carpenter 2

\ rock (43) 79

R. Vaikuls 19

M. Rudokas 17

A. Vaikuls 15

L. Jusaitis 6

R. Stonkus 5

P. Simanavicius 3

D. Norvilas 1

11/03/2018 21:20
Kilkenny Stars Meteors v Waterford Vikings
Waterford Vikings Bounce Back To Winning Ways
Boys U12 13/12 19:00
Kilkenny Stars Meteors 17 - 54 Waterford Vikings
14/12/2017 02:37
Waterford Vikings v South Tipp Titans
Vikings off to good start.
Boys U16 24/10 20:00
Waterford Vikings 73 - 40 South Tipp Titans

Top Scorers


Colm O'Reilly 42pts

Denis Miculescu 10pts

Jamie Pepper 8pts

South Tipp Titans

Danny Dunne 13pts

Niall Walsh 11pts

Zak Cahalane 10pts

24/10/2017 22:06
Tipperary Knights v Waterford Vikings
Boys U18 15/10 12:00
Tipperary Knights 24 - 61 Waterford Vikings

Top Scorers for Waterford Vikings:

Jay Kavanagh (18), Osi Oshiogwemoh (14) & Christopher Malone (13)

Top Scorers for Tipperary Knights:

Sean Mockler (6), Paddy Tobin (4) & Liam Kenny (4)

15/10/2017 18:49
Tipperary Knights v Waterford Vikings
Boys U14 15/10 11:00
Tipperary Knights 0 - 20 Waterford Vikings

Waterford Vikings Top Scorers:

Billy Rainer (8), Filip Stosic (6) & Tommy Lyons (4)

Tipperary Knights Top Scorers:

D Sherman (24), K Tobbin (8) & P Briddy (3)

15/10/2017 18:45
Tramore v Waterford Vikings
Local Derby
Men's Div 25/10 20:15
Tramore 67 - 55 Waterford Vikings
Tramore came away with a 12 point win in the local derby V Vikings. The game was close throughout with Tramore ahead by 2 at the end of the 1st quarter but down by 2 at half-time thanks to 2 late 3 pointers by Ryan Pepper. Tramore started hitting from the outside in the 3rd quarter thanks to Jack Murphy and Craig O'Neill. They managed to build a 15 point lead which was just reduced by 3 points in the end. Great first win for Tramore after a difficult start to the season
26/10/2016 12:25
Club Summary
Goals ScoredGoals ConcededClean SheetsRed CardsYellow Cards
1Portlaoise Panthers BC1243114434
2South Tipp Titans1238522930
3Carlow BC1240733228
4Waterford Vikings1227630723
5Baltinglass Bulldogs1225932822
6Old Leighlin BC1222441516
1Carlow Rock1591561445
3Old Leighlin BC1371964429
4St. Patricks1572573727
5Tipperary Talons1461764027
6Club Amber1562973727
7Waterford Vikings1258342626
8Wexford BC1668586424
9Baltinglass Bulldogs1646494516
1Old Leighlin BC22123064364
2Waterford Vikings22102771662
3Wexford BC2187679249
4Portlaoise Panthers BC1979142347
5Baltinglass Bulldogs2071175842
6Carlow BC2269281338
7Tipperary Knights2262987638
8South Tipp Titans1964466234
9Kilkenny Stars (Amber)2258283130
11Kilkenny Stars (Defenders)2057593426
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